Gemma Properties

Gemma Utveckling 2016 AB

Product:Direct loan
ISIN:SEK: NO0010779515, NO: NO0010779507,
USD: NO0010779481
Coupon p.a. (%)13%
Payment:Semiannual payment
First issue date:2016-12-09
Maturity date:2018-12-09
Maturity (months):24
Extension/early redemption (months):(+/-6)
Coupon date:9 June, 9 December
Issued volume: SEK 140 m

Gemma Utveckling 2017 AB

ISIN:SEK: SE0010297010, NOK: NO0010799232
Coupon p.a. (%)12%
Payment:Semiannual payment
First issue date:2017-09-01
Maturity date:2019-03-01
Maturity (months):18
Extension/early redemption (months):(+12/-6)
Coupon date:1 March, 1 September
Issued volume: SEK 50 m
Max volume:SEK 200 m

Gemma Properties Holding AB

ISIN:SEK: SE0010598771, NOK: NO0010810963,
EUR: SE0010598789
Coupon p.a. (%)8%
Payment:On redemption
First issue date:2017-11-30
Maturity date:2018-11-30
Maturity (months):12
Extension/early redemption (months):(+/-6)
Issued volume: SEK 125 m

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